HUGO BOSS, headquartered in Metzingen (Germany), is a leading global fashion company offering high-quality women's and men's clothing, footwear and accessories. 


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The company follows a portfolio strategy, with the HUGO BOSS platform currently consisting of two strong brands - BOSS and HUGO with distinct target groups. Both brands are clearly distinguished by individual characteristics. At the same time, they share equally high standards in terms of quality, innovation and durability, while ensuring customers are perfectly dressed 24/7 and for every occasion. It is certain that the likeability of the HUGO brand will be the most important factor for the company's success in the long run. Maximizing customer satisfaction and providing the best products in the industry is the philosophy they follow.

With the HUGO brand, influencers and individualists of style can make confident formal and modern clothing.

"For the man who prefers to lead rather than follow"

HUGO offers striking styles, new seasonal and modern designs that are unique. Aimed at stylish individualists who always prefer to dress in a unique way. A mix of modern cuts and the influence of everyday clothes gives unconventional looks.

´Hugo woman does not compromise - not even in her style´

HUGO offers clothing for individualists for whom unconventional style is more than just the exterior—it reflects their inner attitude. There are no rules for HUGO women. Everything can be combined with everything, as long as it makes an outfit. The collection includes comfortable office wear, party dresses and casual wear.

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