Since its establishment, the firm has been owned by the Tufina family. For us, the beginning was the Tirana watch, long case watches, pocket watches and then luxury wristwatches for men.


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Through the generations with dedication and difficulties, our family counts 35 watchmakers. In the last century, Tufina has created partnerships with some of the most well-known watchmaking firms in Europe, while in this century we operate as a strong and independent company.

In a progressive and homogenous world like today's, where every producer seeks first and foremost to define and raise its own identity, Tufina has remained true to its origins and the values carried over the years. Known not only for its unique identity, but also for its technical craftsmanship. Following our DNA roots, we have created Theorema and Pionier brands with the same spirit. Exceptional attention to every detail, throughout design and manufacture, gives Theorema and Pionier watches importance, as well as purpose.

Our desire and vision has always been to have products that amaze every cosmopolitan and successful person. Theorema and Pioneer have a deep understanding of how men think. This is why our watches are assembled individually and by hand. Our profession lives in the clarity of our own identity. Tufina has the ability to create wristwatches that combine tradition with modernity.

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